The pointless war has been going on in Ukraine for a year now. Innocent people are suffering due to the aggression of their neighbouring nation, the whole world can see their lives, plans, and hopes crumble. Families have to flee their homes and children are experiencing the horrors of war. Many families seek asylum in other countries.

Currently, 32 Ukrainian children and their mothers reside in the Īslīce SOS Village, while our regional coordinators are also helping Ukrainian families in Bauska, Iecava, Rīga, Kuldīga, Ventspils, Liepāja, Krāslava, Rēzekne, and Aizkraukle.

Thanks to the responsiveness and good will of the donators, so far we have been able to help more than 1300 Ukrainian children and their parents.

We’re aiding Ukrainian families with children with diversified and individual support:

  • providing shelter and stay in the Īslice SOS Children’s Village;
  • organising Latvian language tuition in Ventspils, Kuldīga, Iecava, Krāslava, Rēzekne;
  • arranging lessons in Ukranian for younger children, including reading fairy tales and play so as to not lose their identity;
  • supporting children taking part in camps, organising camps during holidays;
  • regularly organising various thematic events, master classes and excursions around Latvia;
  • providing food, childrens’ clothing, blankets, bed linen, dishes, and furniture;
  • aiding the purchase of medications and medical services;
  • offering co-financing for assistance services for children with special needs;
  • providing speech therapist and psychologist consultations;
  • offering professional emotional first aid for families with children from birth to the age of 3.


People who are suffering from the consequences of war really need support. We are inviting You to provide aid through donations to Ukrainian families with children who have found asylum in Latvia.

More information on the support we provide to refugees from Ukraine: