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15 Jūune 2015

Social experiment- Helping is part of human nature!

Children are willing to give up their treats, if that means someone else's child can be helped.  This conclusion emerged from an experiment the organization "Latvian SOS Children's Village Association" partook in one of Riga's primary schools. When children were asked to choose between sweets and donation, it turned out that 8 out of 10 children choose to donate.

"We found that sacrifice is part of human nature," deduced at the conclusion of the experiment. The treats test method and participant’s reactions were recorded in videos. Through this the organization hopes to remind people about how natural the will help other is even in everyday situations.”
"Children are like seedlings. They cannot grow on their own. They need care and attention every day. Regular donations are a special way to give children a life within a loving family, "as explained by the organization's website. Thanks to regular supporters, SOS Children's Villages can provide on a daily basis family, food and shelter to children who are left without parental care.

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