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In December, together with friends from, we opened a charity fashion store,

18 December, 2023
In December, together with friends from and the printing, sewing, and delivery outsourcing company "Printful," we opened a special fashion store, It offers clothing and accessories with designs drawn by children who have grown up in SOS families. All profits from the products sold in the online store are allocated to the organization for the educational interests and leisure activities of the children.

"We work every day to ensure that children growing up in SOS Children's Village families complete school according to their abilities, learn a profession, find their own space in life, can live independently, and, when they grow up, create their own families. Every support we receive is an investment in a better childhood and a safer journey for children into the future," says Ilze Paleja, the director of the Latvian SOS Children's Village Association.

At the store, you can purchase T-shirts with short and long sleeves, hoodies, hats, and dresses with children's drawings, created on the Printful platform. The store will also operate next year, offering seasonally relevant products and gifts for the holidays. The platform is intended to become a place where everyone can find not only beautiful gifts but also provide financial support to children.



"The opening of the store is our joint achievement and commitment to support children growing up in SOS families, giving them the opportunity to realize and develop their talents. It's not just a store - it's a long-term investment and support for enhancing children's skills, so that in the future they can take care of themselves and their loved ones, as well as fulfill their dreams," emphasizes Adriāna Kauliņa, Director of Sustainability Development at Tet.

This project is a continuation of the long-standing cooperation between Tet and SOS Children's Villages, which began more than 10 years ago. For several years, Tet has been ensuring that SOS mothers and foster mothers can improve their computer skills by participating in training. Children growing up in SOS and foster families are regularly offered the opportunity to engage in various educational and entertaining activities, visit cinemas, museums, and sporting events.

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