Whats is the programme for new parents about?

The birth of a baby is typically a welcomed and happy event, but it brings numerous challenges that can overshadow the joy. Questions such as, “Will my baby be alright?” and  “Will I be a good parent?” often arise, accompanied by the disappointment that the beautiful moments envisioned with the little one can sometimes be so difficult.  Not knowing how to handle difficult moments, feeling frustrated and hopeless due to various opinions and external pressures, and a sense of sadness because as things have changed, and the realization that they will never be the same again.

Experiencing these emotions is normal, as long as they do not linger and become ingrained in the new parent’s daily routine.

The new parents can discuss any relevant topics regarding the child’s development, breastfeeding, excessive crying, sleep, handling the child, as well as questions regarding their own well-being. Meetings take place in the family’s home.

One home visit – 1.5 hours. A frequency of home visits is determined by mutual agreement.


Who offers the program?

In Riga, the program is offered by FEA mothers - First Emotional Aid mothers, who have obtained professional education at the family psychology center “LĪNA” to support families with newborns.  

During visits, FEA mothers help new parents find solutions and answers to questions regarding child care and development: breastfeeding, crying, sleep, hygiene, as well as provide emotional support to the parents during this overwhelming period.


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Where to find help?

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70018FE2-2711-42D0-BDA7-B73DC0A1EE81 Created with sketchtool. Crisis phone "Skalbes” 27722292
CA574860-A0FC-4CDD-B0AA-9CF967BFF78E Created with sketchtool. Social services and benefits in Riga 8000 5055
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