SOS Villages


SOS Children’s Villages Objectives

SOS Children’s Village is designed so that children who are no longer in their biological parents care, have the opportunity to grow up in a family, to be loved, to feel safe, to socialize and to learn.

One of our main goals is to give children a happy childhood and to prepare them for adulthood. Our mission is to provide them with all the necessary skills so that they will be able to take care of themselves and their loved ones in the future.

 SOS Children’s Villages Family

In Latvia there are two SOS Children’s Villages- Islice and Valmiera. Each SOS Children’s Village has 12 residential houses, administrative buildings and playgrounds. Each SOS family consists of a SOS mom or SOS parents and five to seven children. Most of our children grow up with their biological brothers and sisters. Often, when they come to the village, brothers and sisters reunite after several years because they have not had the opportunity to grow up in a joint family. This helps produce a sense of belonging and trust which further contributes to their emotional development. 

SOS Mothers

An SOS mother or parents are the most important aids in restoring the confidence of a child concerning adults. Our SOS mothers give the children support, encouragement and protection. Along with assisting the child in education, SOS mothers and staff work to help the child acquire the skills that will be needed when starting an independent life. Our employees respect each child’s personality, origin and religious affiliation.

We believe that the SOS Villages will raise the children so that as adults they can be independent, can finish all schooling, learn professionalism, find a suitable living space and eventually create a family of their own.


Family Life in SOS Villages

In SOS Villages each child in the family has the comforts of personal space, a bed, clothes, meals, toys, etc.
SOS Children’s Villages consist of not only a house but we also foster relationships with the surrounding community. Children go to the local government pre-school educational institutions, attend public schools, are a part of sports groups, and are involved in cultural centers as well as a number of other activities.
We have created an environment in which children have every opportunity to integrate into the local community, spend time with peers, form friendships and learn to cooperate with others.
Life Skills 

SOS Villages teach children practical life skills, which they often have not acquired from previous families. They learn to take care of their home, clean their room, shop, cook, and use a variety of household items. In addition, children learn to build and maintain positive relationships with others, aiding them in their future life.

Islice SOS Children’s Village

Isclice’s SOS Children’s Village is located in the district of Bauska, 70 km from Riga. SOS families have lived in the village since 1997. Currently this village contains 12 families with 60 children total.

SOS village children receive their education in the Bauska region and other Latvian educational institutions. Younger village children attend pre-school establishments in Bauska. The children all actively participate in extracurricular activities, and attach music, art or sports groups.


Valmiera SOS Children’s Village


Valmiera SOS Children’s Village is located in Valmiera, Ganibu Street 3, 100 km from Riga. The first SOS families started living here in 2007. Currently, the village consists of 12 families living with 67 children.

In Valmiera’s village the children receive their education in Valmiera and neighborhood schools. Younger children attend pre-school educational institutions. The children are active in many educational circles. They learn singing and dancing, participate in woodworking club and play sports.