Youth Home

The SOS Youth Home is currently located in Jelgava and is the home to 11 young people.

What is an SOS Youth Home?

After completing basic education SOS children have the opportunity to move to a SOS youth home. Here they can live more independently, continue their education and work on acquiring the necessary skills for their future. Many youth also start their first job while living here.

Life at a SOS Youth Home

The SOS Youth Home prepares youth for independent living; they learn to take care of the home, cook and shop for themselves. Youth here acquire such skills as time and money management. Along with their Youth Home Teachers, they assess their options for the future, deciding where to further their study and what profession to acquire. This is also a place for them to practice conflict resolution, stress coping mechanisms and learn how to make new friends.

Support for Youth during their Studies

Many of these youth continue on to study at the Universities in both Riga and Jelgava after finishing their education. These individuals have the opportunity to continue living in the house, even up to age 24.

SOS Youth Home in Jelgava