Valmiera’s SOS Family Support Center

Support to families with children in Valmiera has been provided since 2007. Started as the project “Family Strengthening and Support in Valmiera” it has grown into Valmiera SOS Family support center, registered in the LR Ministry of Welfare Register of Social Service Providers. Its goal is to provide social rehabilitation services for families with children.

Valmiera SOS Family support center provides help to families that are recommended to apply to experts of the center by various city authorities, as well as parents of children can come by their own free will.

The Center assists families in situations of social risk, large families, families in crisis and families that have children with disabilities, disorders, learning difficulties and behavioral problems.

In 2013 Valmiera SOS Family Support Center helped 102 families with 190 children all together. In the beginning of the year we worked in cooperation with the local government, helping 15 families that were referred to the center from Valmiera Social Services. Families had access to a social worker and social rehabilitator, a psychologist, a special educator, a speech therapist, an addiction specialist, lawyer, there were educational events for families and activities for children organized (including summer day camp for children and family camp for children and parents), support and educational group sessions, Child Emotional Upbringing (BEA) group training cycle for parents, charity activities implemented. The Center was also able to supply families with some material support.

Since 2014 the Center is situated at the premises of Valmiera SOS Children’s Village, Ganību iela 3.

In 2014 Valmiera SOS Family Support Center helped 101 family with 208 children all together. Parents and children could take part in many activities and educational events as well. At the end of year we started cooperation with 2 neighboring municipalities – Naukšēni and Beverīna.

In 2013-2015 Valmiera SOS Family Support Center was implementing the project “Development of Support Measures for Disadvantaged Families with Children for their Integration in Society”. This project is financially supported by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism Program, a “NGO Fund” sub-program (for details on the project see “Finished Projects” section).

In 2015 Valmiera SOS Family Support Center has provided support to 104 families with 196 children. 25 children of them are in 10 families which receive a social rehabilitator’s service, financed by the neighboring municipalities – Naukšēni and Beverīna. Families received consultations of two social workers, a social rehabilitator and two family assistants, a psychologist, a special educator and a lawyer. There have been provided a support group sessions for parents who are raising children with disabilities; family activity event "Ežu šķūnis" organized; parents with children, as every year, participated in the family summer camp organized by the Centre and co-financed by  ABLV Charitable Foundation camp program funding; children and their parents have been able to participate free of charge in several cultural events in Valmiera; we also attracted donations in kind to support our families.

Based on the professional experience of Valmiera SOS Family Support Centre staff, in the fall of 2015 a new program/service was developed and adapted - long-term social rehabilitation and care for underage pregnant women/mothers with children from institutional care. Now we are able to offer this service within scope of Valmiera SOS Children's Village. The new service received support of charity "Giving for Latvia” – an opportunity to buy household appliances for EUR 500.


The Center’s team of specialists in 2016 includes: manager of the Centre with background of social work, social worker/social rehabilitator, psychologist, lawyer, special educator. We are also organizing activities for families and children.

Our experience has shown us that each family has different needs; these needs can be met when families work in close cooperation with the center specialists for short or even significantly longer periods of time. They key to successful cooperation by parents and staff is to look each other in the eye and say “Together we can!”


Manager of the Center: Agita Dreiblate, tel. (+371) 29244687,
Social worker/social rehabilitator: Ineta Vizuliņa,