Riga’s SOS Family Support Center

SOS family strengthening and support projects have been implemented since 2007 in Latgale and the Ziemeli districts of Riga. Since 2013 Riga’s SOS Family Support Center is registered in the LR Ministry of Welfare Register of Social Service Providers.


On average per month there are about 100 families (with up to 200 children and youth) receiving support of the Center’s specialist team.  Next to psychosocial work and services of social rehabilitation provided by social workers and social rehabilitation workers we can provide consultations of psychologists and psychotherapy specialists, lawyer, psychiatrist and an addiction counselor. Children and families have the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational activities and classes; they are also provided material support.

Riga SOS Family Support Center also provided assistance to victims of the November 21st 2013 Zolitude tragedy. Thanks to donations received mainly from the Estonian SOS Children’s Village Association, in 2013 the work of the crisis intervention team was supported in schools immediately after the tragedy. In 2014 psychological support was also provided to victims. A team of specialists was trained to organize camps for grieving children who have lost family members.

Since 2014 Riga’s SOS Family Support Center is situated at Brivibas Street 197A (public transportation stop “Rūpnīca VEF”).

In 2014 SOS Children’s Villages Association in collaboration with Riga Social Services and the Riga City Council Welfare Department launched the project “Riga’s Family Support Program from 2014 to 2016” which is co-financed by local government, the charitable organization “OAK Foundation”, and Denmark’s SOS Children’s Village Association. Within this project the Centre’s social workers have fully delegated case managers’ responsibility (we are first NGO in Latvia to be assigned such responsibility). We do cooperate with other city authorities and institutions. Families with children are referred to Riga SOS Family Support Center by employees of Riga Social Service to receive these social services. We work to introduce new methods of social work, develop early-warning systems, and implement preventative measures.

Project team now includes:
- Four social workers
- Three social rehabilitation workers which help families restore the ability to function successfully in society, improving parenting skills and human relations,
- Psychologists and psychotherapists
- Psychiatrist
- Addiction counselor
- Lawyer

Other services: Riga’s SOS Family Support Center since 2014 provides Family Assistant’s Services to families with children. A Riga Social Service referral is needed to receive this service.

Lielriga Programme Director: Ilze Žagare, tel. (+371) 26685844, ilze.zagare@sosbca.lv
Manager of Riga SOS Family Support Center: Jana Pūķe, tel. (+371) 26682721,