Support for Families with Children

“The family is like the caboose of a train, it protects us and gives us strength. Family is what helps build the self-esteem of each child, helping to learn social skills that will be used in everyday life. The family experience is one of the most important in our lives. Therefore, it is important that family relationships are harmonious, not setting a painful and negative example for a child.”

Ilze Žagare, Rīgas SOS Family Support Center Manager 


The Latvian Association of SOS Children’s Village’s provides not only long-term care for children who grow up in an SOS Children’s Villages and Youth Homes. The association also helps to support families with children, that for a variety of reasons have fallen on hard times.

Children, mothers and fathers - families.

The Families Strengthening Families Project and Support professionals are confident that anyone can become a good mom or dad, and learn to develop these abilities. Social workers and other specialists help parents to see the opportunity to change their lifestyle and learn to take responsibility for their children.
Currently, family strengthening and support centers provide assistance to families in need, in Riga, Valmiera and Bauska counties. During the year the project provides support to more than 500 children from 250 families.

What does a family strengthening and support center do?

In cooperation with local governments, we are building family strengthening and support centers that provide free individual counseling, as well as organize support groups for families in crisis.
The Latvian Association of SOS Children's Villages family strengthening and support center aims to help parents to take responsibility and care for their children. So that children do not end up being placement institutions, but instead grow up in the most appropriate environment, their family. Our goal is to also help inspire parent-child involvement in various leisure activities.
We offer family counseling and support, because for the local government it is difficult to provide financial or human resources to everyone. We work with families in close cooperation with local specialists.

Depending on the situation and necessity we can provide the following free specialist support:
- Social workers,
- Social rehabilitators,
- Psychologists,
- Psychotherapists,
- Drug addiction specialists,
- Special educators,
- Speech therapists,
- Gynecologists,
- Lawyers,
-Family Assistants.

Children also receive support from special educators and speech therapists.

A teenager on sessions with the psychologist:

"I am glad that I was invited. (..) I've learned that I can get along with others. I find it interesting there. It is a cool feeling that I have friends there and we talk and play together. "

A mom about her child's participation in a family camp:

"My child feels more secure because they feel valued. He gets praise for his projects. Therefore, he wants to be evaluated first because they admire his work."

A mom on a child’s participation in an event:

"The children did and tried. This does not happen elsewhere. They felt understood. And the communication process ..."

A mom on the advice of a psychologist:

"All professionals are interesting and thoughtful. It is not work that can be done “right away”. Solutions have to be sought, and I feel heard and understood."

A mom on cooperation within the project:

"These are the only people who understand me and help."

A mom on cooperation within the project:

  "At first I spoke with the project social worker. I did not know at all what my problem was. For the first time I felt heard. It is a feeling of not being alone, and being able to get real help."