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Child and child abuse interventions are high on the international and multi-national agenda, but the World Health Organization (WHO) and other international organizations are calling for prevention. Using the evidence-based public health approach of the WHO, the United Nations International Children's Fund (UNICEF), the Council of Europe (EP), the Nordic Center for Welfare and Social Affairs and other organizations argue that prevention is far more cost-effective than eliminating the effects of violence. In addition, the earlier support and assistance provided to children and their parents, the more effective the short- and long-term effects on the well-being, security, and growth of children, families, and society in general.

The early warning system, or approach, is prevalent prevention and early intervention practice in the world that has proven to be effective in preventing violence and its risks. The Early Warning System is not used as a prevention tool to continue focusing on interventions once violence has occurred, but instead emphasizes the role of health, education, social sectors in identifying children and families in need of help and support before the violence occurs. The early warning system consists of standardized screening and / or assessment of risks, protective factors and needs. Where appropriate, follow-up on early intervention and case-by-case follow-up.


There are different intervention programs, but these are the three most commonly used intervention programs:

  1. parent support (differentiating the target group - all parents, groups of parents or individual parents), eg training, support groups;
  2. home visits by medical professionals;
  3. family support centers.

The SOS Village Association already operates two prevention programs. A program for new parents and a program for kindergarten specialists "Save and friendly kindergarden".

You can read more about both programs here: