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27 March, 2022 When reality sets in: four Ukrainian moms speak of their and their children’s new dailiness in Romania
“We thought we’d stay for two weeks, and now it’s been over a month already,” says Viktoria, a mom of two from the south of Ukraine. Viktoria and three of her close friends, all with two children each, fled the war in Ukraine and found shelter in SOS Children’s Village Bucharest.
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15 March, 2022 Alina is safe, but feeling worse due to survivors’ guilt
Alina Bobko is a social worker who worked with young people from SOS Children’s Villages Ukraine in the Kyiv region. On the tenth day of the war, Alina was forced to flee her country. Although now safe, Alina, like many Ukrainian refugees, struggles with survivor’s guilt.
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8 March, 2022 "I want everyone to know that we are in hell," says our Ukrainian colleague
Darya Kasyanova has been the national programme development director of SOS Children’s Villages Ukraine for five and a half years, supporting children without parental care, protecting their rights. As well as working on the ground in Ukraine in the midst of war trying to keep children and families safe, she is also a mother trying to look after her own family.
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25 January, 2022 SOS Children’s Villages Latvia are celebrating 25th anniversary this year
In these years we have cared for more than 100 children, leading them into adulthood and providing a strong and stable foundation for their independent lives. Even more children have received support and love of SOS families for shorter periods of time. The lives of children growing up in SOS families are very colourful and different from each other – they are full of achievements and challenges.
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1 June, 2021 Your donation will be doubled!
The Community Initiative of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has chosen the SOS Children's Villages Latvia as an organisation whose donations received between 3 May 2021 and 3 November 2021 will be doubled.
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13 June, 2020 The activities of SOS Children's Villages after emergency situation.
We hope you are safe and sound! We are happy that the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 has been significantly restricted in Latvia and the emergency situation (which was declared throughout the national territory from 14 March 2020 until 9 June 2020) is canceled. Although there are many restrictions about public gatherings and travel, as well as many special precaution measures still in place, the situation gradually comes back to normal. Thank you for being with us through all the difficult times!
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13 March, 2020 About the activities of the SOS Children's Villages Association during the Emergency situation
Dear friends and supporters! As a socially responsible organization, we are currently calling on everyone to be careful and act with precaution in order to restrict the spread of coronavirus COVID-19. According to the decision of the Latvian government, the emergency situation was declared throughout the national territory from 14 March 2020 until 14 April 2020 with certain serious restrictions about public gatherings, travel, special precaution measures, etc. On 7 April 2020 the government took the decision to prolong an emergency situation until 12 May 2020.
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